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Smackdown Rewind - Brothers In Arms

Now the chess pieces are in place. Roman Reigns must not only go through a "Beast" but his best friend too. The Authority is staking the deck for Reigns to regain the most precious prize in sports entertainment: the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. How long will this friendship between Reigns and Ambrose last? Who will break first? Also “The Phenomenal  One“, AJ Styles is on a quest to prove not only to the WWE Universe but the locker room that he belongs in the here. This is the Smackdown Rewind.

NXT Now! Report - Pride on the Line

Last week’s controversial ending to The Triple Threat #1 Contender’s Match left many questions unanswered, especially from our NXT General Manager. Regal’s Resolution and a rematch between Finn Balor and Apollo Crews headlined this week’s episode. This is Jeff Burga with your NXT Now! Report.

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