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Smackdown Rewind - Who Has The Key To The Pearly Gates?

What are we going to get here? It’s time for Smackdown Rewind!!! A couple of lack luster shows but its time to “GO HOME!!!” Extreme Rules is right around the corner and it looks like the pressure is getting to the champ Seth Rollins. Also John Cena has his hands full with Rusev’s constant attacks. What are they going to do with the Intercontinental Title picture with the doubt that Daniel Bryan will be medically cleared to compete? Let’s get ready to some twists and turns.

NXT Now! Report

The other Burga, "Jumping" Jeff has decided to join the ranks of Busted Open and give us a weekly review on your favorite show and mine, NXT. Here's Jeff's first edition of his new weekly blog.

Smackdown Rewind: The Champs are HERE!!!

Extreme Rules is on everybody’s mind now and how will things play out? This week’s episode airs from the United Kingdom. What twists and turns will they take us on? There is only one way to find out. Click away and read this week’s Smackdown Rewind.

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