More Athletes Than Ever Are Using Cannabis To Improve Their Training

Whether it’s ultramarathoners or bodybuilders, marijuana is assisting professional athletes to train, being used for everything from an anti-inflammatory to an anti-anxiety. Does that mean it’s a performance-enhancing drug?

Fighting discomfort, tiredness and stress and anxiety

Despite the fact that it is on the prohibited list, many professional athletes are discovering that working on weed is an excellent way to prevent tiredness, along with a pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications.

The expert side of things

Since such professional athletes are using marijuana, the market has actually also been looking for its place in the long-distance running scene.

To assist stop the unfavorable preconception that features using marijuana as a training help, the Four-Twenty Games (held at 8 areas from Los Angeles to Las Vegas) was started in 2015, which assists show that people who use marijuana are not the above mentioned stereotyped stoner.