How to Find Parking for your Tiny House

Even before you start on the design of your tiny house it’s important that you think about where you’ll be parking it. The design of your tiny house will have a big influence on where you can park it.

If you’re planning to live off the grid it will need to be designed for maximum sustainability. If you’ll be mostly staying in a northern climate it will need to be insulated properly for when the temperatures begin to drop. If you think you’ll be moving regularly or just want the freedom of being able to move when you want then the mobility of your tiny house will be important.

All these factors play a big part in where you can park and the number of options available to you. Once you have a better idea of these you’ll have a much better chance of finding the parking you need.

Once you’re ready to move it is vital that you plan out your route accordingly. Here are some helpful websites and resources that can help you find your next parking spot.

Where to look for Parking

This is a great resource for all things tiny house related. It allows you to connect with building contractors and tiny house communities all across the country. They have a classifieds section and an events calendar so you can find the perfect place to park with them.

This site includes a very helpful map that is constantly updated to help you find tiny house builders, tiny houses for sale or rent, workshops, events and open house viewings.

Another interactive map that allows you to find parking spots to buy or rent. It also lets you post a ‘parking space wanted’ add to help you connect with the right people.

Tiny House Hosting

This Facebook group is great not only for tiny house owners looking for a place to stay but also those with extra land who wouldn’t mind earning some extra cash. All deals are worked out between the host and occupant, usually, the hoster is under no obligation to provide anything extra. You can work out a deal where you reimburse the hoster for any amenities used or agree on a flat rate.

Understanding the legalities

How your tiny house is classified under legal entities plays a big part in where you can park. The above options are a bit of a gray area so there’s a chance you may be asked to leave. If you’d like a little more security then it’s good if you can get your tiny home registered as a mobile home or RV. Currently, there is no classification for tiny houses as far as codes/zoning see it. This may change in the future but for now, a tiny house is usually classified as either an RV or mobile home. In some cases, depending on your location, they can be classified as a ‘neatly-stacked-load’ on a utility trailer or semi-trailer. However, neither of these can be legally occupied for any amount of time when you search for tiny houses for sale in michigan.

Licensing and registration take place through the transportation department. Since most tiny houses are registered as RV’s the building department doesn’t touch them.

Mobile Home

If registered as a mobile home you can legally park and live in a mobile home park or any location that allows mobile homes. The catch is that most mobile home parks often require that the home be built by a licensed contractor for safety reasons. If you’ve built your tiny home yourself this can present a bit of a problem.


If registered as an RV you can legally live in any RV parks. The same rules as above still apply though. Your tiny home must be built by a licensed contractor to be legal. If this is an option you think you’ll be going with and you are having your tiny house built by someone check that they are certified.

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