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Busted Open Interviews Rowdy Roddy Piper


On appearing November 8th at Thunderslam for NorthEast Wrestling:

 I tell ya--the gentleman--the promoter, his name is Michael O’Brien. I really don’t have to do this but he is one of the real good guys, you know? Especially now-a-days if you’re not with one of the bigger federations; there is a lot slip, sliding away with other guys. Michael O’Brien and this show it will be first class and it comes with a plus; I get to bring my son. Oh man I really love him a lot, oh yeah. He will be watching my back. He is an undefeated MMA fighter as an amateur. It’s going to be really cool

About his son Colt on if he prefers MMA or Pro Wrestling:

That is a great question. I can give the right the answer because I lived it. With Colty boy, he wanted to do the MMA when he was 17. There was a team called Strike force with Matt Linden, Randy Couture, and Chanel Sonen. They were all training there and helped train students. I was driving him there and quite a-ways of way; Colt has a real beautiful heart--real centered, young man and he looks over to me and says “Daddy, I’m afraid.” I said you know what Colt? If you weren’t afraid, I would be worried but fear’s just your body telling you; alright let’s get going and you need to use that as a positive. Then he went on and started winning all these fights and then he said he wanted to try professional wrestling. And you know what? He is more afraid to get into the ring in professional wrestling then in MMA.

On Colt having to fill his legendary shoes:

You know what--and I will be so sincere with ya: that didn’t even cross my mind. I just love him so much and he is such a great athlete. It didn’t even cross my mind until I was in my dressing room and no one could see me. I could see the way--the attitude some of the other fellas had towards him and for no other reason than him being my son. The only time Colt ever said anything to me was, “Dad, this puts me under a lot of pressure,” and that’s it. He has never complained. Now I get to bring him down and we get to have 2 cards; one for Michael and one for some special kids. It’s great for him and it’s great for me. I want to have one more match and I want it to be a tag match with Colt. In the other corner I want Vince and Shane McMahon and the winner takes over WWE. Oh brother, we would have so much fun.

Are you scared that Colt is wrestling?

100%. I'm scared for him. Being in 2014; people understand the art form and what the WWE is. In my day, it was a little more gunslinger-ish.  Sometimes controlled violence, when it goes wrong  is worse than any other kind.

It is amazing how different Roddy Piper the character is to Roddy Piper the family man.

For that wife swap thing, my wife had him in a cardboard mustache & a hoodie in 4 days. He broke. I’ll tell ya this; we got married in Oregon and I wrestled later that night and then boom we were back in Charlotte. Then all of a sudden, we have a kid. How about that? It changes everything; the wild behavior and irresponsibility? All of sudden you’re going to have a little baby that is going to look in your eyes and know that you know everything in the world and as long as you’re there that it will never get hurt. I am going “No, no you’re wrong.” Then I have another kid and then another one and I should come home for some of these. What I did in my interviews was; I left my wedding ring off. My wife is the reason that when I first come off the road, I’m a little shady sometimes and I have to go to a hotel to brush back that ugly off me. In my house; there is never an act of violence, never a rain drop on their head. They have never missed a meal because I didn’t have a family and that’s what I wanted. The wife I married; she is 4 feet 11 in a half and I am 0-45 against her. If you would like to take a shot at her and teach me that would be cool. My kids have the best mummy in the world. Any jerk can have a kid but it takes a man to be a daddy. Stone Cold asked me to be on his podcast and he asked me how I want to be remembered. I said “I want to be remembered as a good daddy.” That’s how I want to be remembered.

You go from having a dog collar match with Greg Valentine in the NWA to the WWF wrestling Mr. T. Do you think the current state of professional wrestling is too much entertainment then sport?

Yeah, they’re (WWE) public and let me say this. Any one of the professional wrestlers, ladies or gentlemen that answer the bell has my respect so I am not knocking that. They’re being dictated too and they’re being dictated now to a public company. It’s a publically traded company and everybody in the office is afraid to make a mistake and so everything is trying to run along smoothly. Smooth doesn’t draw money.