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Busted Open Interviews Mick Foley


Can we ever get back to the violence even just a little bit in professional wrestling?  Or the wrestling part of the business that we love and are obsessed with as opposed to the entertainment piece?

I disagree a little bit. On a weekly basis, WWE delivers a couple of really good matches and it’s a kind of a foregone conclusion that a guy like Dolph Ziggler is going to deliver every time he is out there. You know Cesaro, unless circumstances dictate otherwise, is going to deliver. There are other guys that go out there and deliver. To go off subject for a bit, I don't know if the WWE's Top 100 Matches came out, but I am represented well. More so than Kurt Angle and I think the problem with Angle was that he was so great, so regularly, it became hard to differentiate which great match he was having. And it's always the circumstances surrounding the match; it dictates how great that match is going to be. With Hell in a Cell, I thought John Cena and Randy Orton delivered big time. That being said I thought the ending of this past RAW was phenomenal. The little bit of blood went a long way even if it was done sparingly.  It was a heavy moment and Rollins to me, I thought is making a star turn.

Mick Foley on the Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins Feud.

The real surprise about the Rollins/Ambrose match is that we aren't talking about it more. Because it felt like it belonged in the Main Event. You can argue the finish but hopefully people can appreciate the hard work they put in it. I think the fact that they went out there and was clearly seen as the Main Event and they delivered, clearly shows the WWE has faith in them. A week later Rollins comes back, puts on another great performance and he goes from a guy who can just wrestle to a guy who has some heat. To a guy who they are going with and within minutes he made Randy Orton feel new again. I can’t wait to see Randy’s reaction to it.

Mick Foley on his role with Ambrose vs Rollins

That was something that could have really helped the match and they could really deliver on. I explained to them that what I really wanted to do was put over the match. I want to put the legacy of the match over. I wanted to put Dean over. I wanted to put Seth over. I wanted to put all of those things over--the focus was not on me. You could hear Jerry Lawler with the cheap pop but instead I said right here, gave the thumbs up and it was more of a seduced pop. I was hoping if I was able to do that for the match then the WWE could see that they could call on me. Maybe I am suited for that role where WWE can call on me once a year.

I think the future is really bright in the WWE. I know it is kind of hard to move on from John Cena but moving forward, I think the fans are going to be more attracted to the younger superstars.

I was going to write an article about our part-time champion Brock Lesnar.  I didn’t know how part-time he was going to be. I think John deserves an amazing amount of credit with the beating he took. Those knees he took the mid-section; I am most certain he was hurting for weeks after that. I don’t where John goes from there with his feud with Brock but they created this new monster with Lesnar. If it is going to be one of the guys with the new generation, the person to knock him off that perch. If done correctly, it can set up another superstar for years to come.

Is it Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose who is the next guy?

I don’t know. I don’t know the extent of Daniel Bryan’s injury. Talk about the ultimate underdog who is absolutely believable when fighting against somebody so much bigger because he has so much heart and guts. That was my first reaction. Seeing The Undertaker lose, I was like somebody needs to be made. I understood that it hurt people to see the streak end because it was so beloved. If Brock leaves and no one is better off for him breaking the streak, they did that to hurt people’s feelings and crush their dreams. I have to believe that one of the guys is going to step up, either Daniel Bryan or one of the former Shield members. It is all in the telling.  WWE is proving to me that and this past Monday, people say it is predictable--I usually ask the people at the end of the show what they think and it's a lot of negativity. That it's too predictable, etc. There's only so many ways you can get a guy in the ring. There's a reason why I'll watch Rocky 37 times. It's done so well that I'll watch it again. But this Monday the WWE proved to me that they can still put on a good story.