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Smackdown Rewind - Bank Statements

By: Bryan Burga (aka The Conscious Mind of Wrestling)

Staff Writer

The show opened up with Club members Styles, Gallows, and Anderson addressing the WWE Universe about Money in the Bank. According to AJ, this could be the best show in Money in the Bank history because Styles will be going one-on-one with John Cena. He informed the crowd to appreciate the moment because due to the brand extension coming up soon this could be the only time we all see this matchup occur. Styles went on talking about, “The Club” (Bullet Club) dominating everywhere they have gone and making an impact in the WWE.

The only issue is that if the “New Era” is supposed to officially begin then John Cena must be taken out of the equation. AJ Styles was pretty confident that Cena can’t beat him. He also knows in his heart that his buddies Gallows and Anderson will walk out of Money in the Bank the new WWE World Tag Team Champions. Apparently this didn’t sit well with Enzo Amore and Big Cass who are also in the Fatal Four Way match for the Tag Team Titles. After some tedious trash talking back and forth that went nowhere, the crowd was going to be treated to some tag team action. Great to see the Bullet Club, that’s right I said it, together because this has been something fans have wanted to see for a while.

The Tag Team match between Gallows and Anderson against Enzo and Big Cass would end in a no contest. During the match, The New Day was at ringside doing some special color commentary until The Vaudevillians made their way toward ringside. All the teams got into a huge brawl that worked itself into the ring forcing the referee to ring the bell. While I do appreciate the fact that the WWE is putting a little bit of light on the tag team division; I hope that after Money in the Bank the WWE will stop with the Fatal Four Ways and Triple Threat Tag Team matches. Each Tag Team deserves their own feuds and storylines, not being lumped all together in one storyline.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Rusev about his match with Titus O’Neil at Money in the Bank for the United States Championship. Rusev typically bashed Americans and began to talk about how he should be recognized as the greatest champion of all time, not Muhammad Ali. 


Titus O’Neil couldn’t take it anymore and told Rusev that he would be leaving Money in the Bank the new U.S champion.

Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio defeated Sami Zayn and Cesaro in Tag Team action. Kevin Owens would pick up the pin fall after Alberto Del Rio nailed Cesaro with a foot stomp from the top rope. Owens decided to throw his partner out of the ring to get all the glory for himself. The match itself was great as we all know these four men can wrestle and entertain with the best of them. The majority of the match focused more on Cesaro and Del Rio showcasing their skills in the ring. Zayn and Owens spent the majority of the match street fighting on the outside, working their way to the back before coming back to the ring. After the match, Kevin Owens celebrated by standing on top of a ladder maybe foreshadowing what will happen at Money in the Bank? One can only hope, if anyone right now makes sense it is KO.

In Women’s Division action, Becky Lynch would finally get her revenge and defeat Dana Brooke via submission with the Dis-Arm-Her. The WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Natalya would be at ringside but eventually both got themselves ejected from ringside. This caused the “Total Diva” Dana Brooke to be distracted enough for Becky to take advantage. The Women’s Division has a lot of talent to work with but I really don’t see storylines being developed for Money in the Bank. It appears from the looks of it that the title might not even be on the line because I see Becky and Nattie going up against Charlotte and Brooke.

Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto in single’s action with the End of Days while Dolph Ziggler was doing color commentary. It looks like the rivalry between Corbin and Ziggler isn’t quite over yet. Where can they take this feud from this point on? I honestly don’t know and thought it should have ended at Extreme Rules. I still have yet to see more character development from Corbin and the chemistry the two have with one another isn’t great. We will get an okay match between the two but if anyone expects anything more than you might be disappointed.

Backstage Sheamus was enjoying a scene from the new movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows that he stars in. He began to brag about himself and how he was going to be the next Breakout Star in Hollywood. I felt like I was listening to The Miz. Speaking of The Miz, where the hell is he? I know he is doing a movie, but come on! Apollo Crews would stop the gloating and punched Sheamus in the face. Down goes Sheamus! Down goes Sheamus! It looks like this will setup a match between the two at Money in the Bank as the weeks go by; the New Era versus Old Era.

The main event saw Chris Jericho defeat Dean Ambrose in single’s action with the Code Breaker. First I have to say that I am so glad that this week’s episode of SmackDown did not end in a tag team main event. That being said what more could we as fans ask for than the Gift of Jericho. The match itself was very good like always but I just feel that the audience has seen its fill of Ambrose versus Jericho. The rivalry in my opinion didn’t quite live up to expectations but it is kind of tough when the bar is set so high with these two.

I understand they are building up towards Money in the Bank, having no competitor have a clear advantage or momentum going into the ladder match. At the same token, having each competitor defeat the other as the weeks go by creates intrigue and leaves fans trying to figure things out. That is just what you want in a match that basically guarantees whoever wins it; a WWE or after the brand split, a World title victory.

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