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SmackDown Rewind - MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

By: Bryan Burga (aka The Conscious Mind of Wrestling)

Staff Writer

The show opened up a brand new episode of the Highlight Reel featuring the extremely expensive Jeritron 6500! Chris Jericho was supremely confident in himself that he would be victorious at Money in the Bank despite what any other stupid idiots might think. Jericho would have Dean Ambrose as a guest on the Highlight Reel. Why? I have no idea. The two bitter rivals would go back and forth about the history they have had with one another. There were times when it got serious but for the most part it was a comedy bit waiting to see if Dean Ambrose would ruin Jericho’s brand new show set.

Kevin Owens would come out to interrupt and inform both Ambrose and Jericho that neither of them would win at Money in the Bank because the contract belonged to him. Alberto Del Rio made the trip to ringside and said that nobody in the ring had the experience of winning a Money in the Bank briefcase like he did. Cesaro would make an appearance but before he could get a word in on the microphone Sami Zayn walked to ringside informing all the competitors that Money in the Bank was on Sunday and the main event would be a 6 man tag team match. Insults were exchanged and a huge fight broke out leaving Ambrose, Cesaro, and Zayn standing tall in the middle of the ring while the others retreated.

Kofi Kingston would defeat Aiden English, Luke Gallows, and Colin Cassady in a Fatal Four Way Match after Kingston hit English with Trouble in Paradise for the victory. This was a unique way of including all the members of the Fatal Four Way Tag Team Championship match before Money in the Bank. We also got some interesting commentary from Xavier Woods and Enzo Amore as well at the announcer’s table. I am looking forward to Money in the Bank because this could bring back some life to the Tag Team Division which needs to showcase its talent more because this is the division where you can find future stars!

Backstage Renee Young spoke to Natalya and Becky Lynch about their Tag Team match at Money in the Bank. Natalya was happy that she had Becky Lynch as a true friend on her side but was disappointed that Dana Brooke failed to see the truth about Charlotte. Dana Brooke and Charlotte interrupted the interview and showed that their partnership was strong. A scuffle almost broke out but cooler heads prevailed and both teams went their separate ways. Natalya would be facing Charlotte later on in the show a non-title match.

Baron Corbin would defeat Zack Ryder with the End of Days while Dolph Ziggler was doing color commentary. This was basically another squash match, helping to setup a rematch between Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler at Money in the Bank. I really don’t know why this rivalry would continue because regardless of how it ends, it has not really helped enhance Baron Corbin’s character at all and as for Ziggler; it feels as if they are running out of ideas for him as a talent.

Rusev would square off against the former United States Champion Kalisto in singles action but before the match could start Rusev would attack Kalisto during his entrance, forcing the referee to call it a no contest. Afterwards, Rusev continued to attack Kalisto until Sin Cara tried to help out but suffered the same fate as his partner. Titus O’Neil would run to the ring and exact some revenge on the Bulgarian Brute after what happened on Raw. Before his suspension, Titus O’Neil was gaining a lot of opportunities as a singles competitor. Now that he is back it appears he is picking up right where he left off and now has a chance to gain his first singles title of his WWE career. Will it happen? I doubt it but anything is possible.

Backstage Renee Young would interview AJ Styles accompanied by his buddies Gallows and Anderson. Styles showed a lot of confidence telling Renee that his match with John Cena would be the greatest match in Money in the Bank history and how he would beat Cena on his own. Styles spoke about how John Cena tried to embarrass him on Raw but after Sunday the whole WWE Universe would see why he calls himself, “Phenomenal”. The New Day would interrupt making fun of the way AJ Styles whines and complains about everything. Also they would take a shot at AJ’s wardrobe selection. Styles would challenge Xavier Woods to a match not only as a tune up for himself but to shut Wood’s mouth up.

AJ Styles would defeat Xavier Woods via submission using the Calf Crusher in really good match. It was very entertaining and showcased Xavier Woods as possibly being a successful single’s competitor in the near future. Both Styles and Woods understand psychology in the ring and how to pace a match. I hope these two go at it again at some point because they could have a good rivalry and at this stage in Styles career it wouldn’t hurt him to get some other talent over.

Charlotte would defeat Natalya via submission using the Figure Eight. This was fairly a quick match and it didn’t take long for Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke to go to blows, interfering in the contest. This allowed Charlotte to take advantage and attack Nattie’s knee setting up her finisher. It was pretty uneventful and I am kind of disappointed that the Women’s Championship will not be on the line at Money in the Bank this Sunday. This could be an issue in the future if the WWE doesn’t take the time to develop more storylines and character development for their female talent.

Dean Ambrose, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro defeated Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, and Alberto Del Rio in a star studded 6 man Tag Team Main Event. Towards the end of the match, Kevin Owens decided to super kick his tag team partners Del Rio and Jericho as a sign of defiance telling the WWE Universe that he doesn’t need anybody for help. Unfortunately Owens might have wanted to pay more attention to what was going on in the ring because Dean Ambrose would be able to hit Dirty Deeds for the 1, 2, and 3! All the participants laid on the outside of the ring while Ambrose stood on the top rope pointing to the briefcase to close the show.

Throughout the weeks the WWE has tried to have all the competitors in the ladder match interact with one another to keep the audience interested. For the most part it has worked and it is keeping everyone guessing who could grab the Money in the Bank briefcase on Sunday. I was disappointed to see that Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and John Cena where not at SmackDown. You have to remember this is the final show before Money in the Bank and when you don’t have all your talent available during the show it kind of sends the wrong message to the audience. The Money in the Bank ladder match should be a great match but it makes one wonder for which championship will the contract be for? Raw or SmackDown?

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