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Smackdown Rewind - He is not a bad guy or good guy. He is the DUDE!

By: Bryan Burga (aka The Conscious Mind of Wrestling)

The Swiss Superman Cesaro defeated Sheamus, Apollo Crews and Alberto Del Rio in a Fatal Four Way match to become the #1 contender for the United States Championship. This match was very entertaining seeing all competitors have the spotlight put on them. Cesaro was able to counter an arm bar from Alberto Del Rio into the Cesaro Swing and then finally apply the Sharpshooter for the submission victory. After the match was over, Cesaro was attacked by Del Rio who shoved him into the steel steps and nailed him in the ribs with a foot stomp from the ring apron. Cesaro was receiving medical attention until the United States Champion Rusev decided to challenge Cesaro to a title match at that very moment. Cesaro would accept the challenge and face Rusev for the United States Championship.

Rusev defeated Cesaro via submission with The Accolade to retain the United States Championship. Throughout the contest, Cesaro would sell the fact that he had injured ribs due to the Alberto Del Rio’s vicious attack after the Fatal Four Way match but Cesaro and Rusev would put on a physical battle that would not disappoint. Cesaro battling injury came very close several times at recapturing the U.S. title which he once held ages ago but Rusev proved to be too much to overcome. This was a great showing by both men. Cesaro seemed to be getting a lot of support behind him with the “Cesaro Section” signs and Rusev needed a good match with a legit opponent to show he is a worthy U.S. champion.

Backstage Rusev informed Renee Young that he was looking forward to Independence Day but that it really should be re-named after him. Also while all of us would be stuffing our faces with processed meats and alcoholic beverages on July 4th, Rusev would be looking forward to spending that time with his fiancé away from the WWE Universe. Unfortunately for Rusev and all of us in the audience, Renee informed the Bulgarian Brute that he would be defending his U.S. Title against Titus O’Neil on Raw.

May I ask the WWE creative staff something? Why? For the love of GOD tell me why?

Dana Brooke defeated NXT call up Billie Kay with the Samoan Driver. This match was not very good at all. The crowd appeared very disinterested throughout the match. The only real highlight was that Sasha Banks was watching backstage and the match ended fairly quickly. I am happy for Billie Kay getting the WWE call up from NXT but working with Dana Brooke is not an ideal first match scenario. Dana Brooke has a unique look to her but she still lacks in ring ability. She is very robotic in the ring and spends more time trash talking than collaborating holds sequences to help the match flow more easily or more importantly, getting the crowds attention.

Backstage Renee Young asked Sasha her thoughts on her upcoming WWE Women’s Championship match at Battleground. Sasha Banks reminded the WWE Universe that she and Charlotte are no strangers to one another and the two have a history from NXT. That being said, Sasha seemed to be full of confidence knowing that she has Charlotte worried. Summer Rae did not agree with Sasha’s comments and felt that “The Boss” persona was getting a little stale. Sasha thought that it would be best to show Summer Rae personally who “The Boss” really is in a match later in the night.

The Intercontinental Champion The Miz would punish the WWE Universe with the most unwatchable show in WWE history; Miz TV. His special guest would be the WWE Champion, Dean Ambrose and his lunch. Yes; the champ would be eating a Cuban sandwich throughout the entire interview. The Miz would insult Ambrose mentioning what an embarrassment it was that Dean is now the face of the WWE. It appeared that Ambrose and Miz were going to fight but before that happened Dean would use Miz’s expensive jacket to wipe his mouth. Maryse was furious about it and distracted Ambrose enough to allow her husband to kick the WWE champion in the face. It looked like the two would be settling their dispute for later on in the show.

Erik Rowan & Braun Strauman would destroy to local wrestlers in a tag team squash match. The New Day would interrupt the victory by mocking The Wyatt family to the crowds delight. Bray Wyatt appeared to be amused as well but for some reason Xavier Woods was not in a laughing mood. Wyatt made it a point to address this and told the WWE Universe that the reason for Woods’ silence was because he knew what was going to happen to him and The New Day as a result of their disrespectable actions. Talk about two stables that are polar opposites of one another.

Sasha Banks defeated Summer Rae via submission with the Bank Statement in single’s action. This would be the first time in a while that we would see Sasha Banks compete in the ring since being on the shelf due to injury. This was no tune up match as Summer Rae gave Sasha Banks all she could handle. Even though Sasha ended up getting the win, I must say I was impressed by Summer Rae’s in-ring progression. Hopefully if all the women in the division strive to improve their in ring skills more, than the stigma of the term “Diva” will finally go away and people will give the Women’s Division a legit chance.

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz with Dirty Deeds in a champion vs. champion non-title match. This was a competitive bout from the get go between these two athletes and told a good story in the ring by having Dean Ambrose deal with an injury early on. What I fail to understand is why the WWE would have a match like this as part of a taped show presentation. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it on a LIVE episode? Also the Intercontinental Championship has for the longest time lost its historic prestige, so by having the WWE Champion win clean the WWE is just continuingly burying the significance of secondary titles. I always thought that secondary titles were important to help young and upcoming talent build a name for themselves in preparation for main event level stature so when they do compete for the WWE Championship, we as the audience can accept it.

The show was mediocre at best because for some reason the WWE decided it wasn’t important enough to have stars like Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Chris Jericho, and Charlotte on the show. It appears that for the WWE Creative Team, SmackDown is a day off for most and work for whoever is left. How is consistency ever going to occur with decisions like this? Also, if the WWE has gone to painstaking lengths to promote a brand split and make both shows different and competitive with one another; how is this reassurance to the audience that it will happen? If you guys can answer these questions than you are the smartest people in the world. There is no logic behind some of these WWE creative decisions. In my opinion, we are doomed with the same frustrations that have been burdening us since the first brand split occurred. History tends to repeat itself unless we learn from our mistakes. It’s clear the WWE hasn’t learned anything.

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