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NXT Now! Report - What’s next for Finn?

By: Jeff Burga

Staff Writer

The Authors of Pain defeated CJ Doyle and Sean Swag

After dismantling American Alpha at TakeOver, The Authors of Pain continued their path of complete and utter destruction in their NXT debut with a dominating victory over Doyle and Swag. WWE Hall of Fame Manager, Paul Ellering has found himself two imposing monsters that are ready, willing, and able to do his bidding. The A.O.P wasted little time putting the entire NXT Tag Team Division on notice with the carnage they’ve left in the ring in recent weeks. With Ellering at the helm to mentor the young and hungry duo, the Authors may soon be writing a new chapter in their careers entitled “Tag Team Gold.” Backstage, The Manager of Champions was asked backstage what they were doing in NXT. Ellering cryptically responded, “all in due time.”


After a successful debut at TakeOver against Tye Dillinger, “Cien” Almas was asked what the NXT Universe could expect from him in the future. Just before he could respond, Dillinger stepped in and called Andrade’s victory over him a fluke. Tye said that he had worked too long and hard for Andrade to just walk in and make a name for himself at his expense. Dillinger challenged The Man of a Hundred Souls to a rematch for later on in the night as The Perfect Ten looked to right the wrong from TakeOver.

NXT Women’s Match- Carmella defeated Tessa Blanchard

After falling short in her bid to become #1 contender for the NXT Women’s Title, The Staten Island Princess bounced back with a much needed win over the third generation competitor. Blanchard showed from the start that she wasn’t going to be intimidated and went right after The Hottest Chick in the Room. Carmella eventually gathered herself and caught Tessa in the corner of the ring with a Bronco Buster, followed by a devastating face plant that led to her patented Code of Silence for the submission victory.

The Monster Speaks

Shortly after surviving The Demon at TakeOver: The End, Samoa Joe offered a stern message directed towards anyone in the locker room that was thinking about challenging him for his NXT Title. The Champ questioned just how much other competitors were willing to sacrifice for the NXT Championship. Joe said that he was willing to destroy his brother and chase him all around the world in order to take his Title. Joe left very little doubt who was the clear undisputed champion at TakeOver: The End, claiming that the Samoa Joe Era would last a long time because no other challengers were willing to make the sacrifices he made to become the champion.

One more try

Coming to conclusion that the lovely Alexa Bliss was bringing the team down, Blake and Murphy agreed to give their partnership one more try in their quest to recapture past glory and reclaim their NXT Tag Team Titles. The Blissless duo promised that their first victim would be one of NXT’s newest teams from down under, TM61.

We told you so…

The first ever two-time NXT Tag Team Champions continued to gloat over their victory against American Alpha last week and called themselves the class team in NXT. Dash and Dawson reaffirmed the fact that they talk heavy and back it up by hitting even harder. With the recent influx of new talent like The Authors of Pain and TM61 the landscape in the tag team division is about to get even more competitive in the next coming months. 

A Roode Reality

After months of speculation former TNA World Champion Bobby Roode made his long awaited debut inside of an NXT ring at the Download Festival in the United Kingdom this past Friday, with a successful victory over Angelo Dawkins in singles action.

NXT Tag Team Match: TM-61 Shane Thorne and Nick Miller defeated Blake and Murphy

Blake and Murphy decided to give it the old college try and team up one more time after seemingly deciding to part ways a few weeks ago. The former NXT Tag Team Champions hoped that their luck would change after no longer having the services of Alexa Bliss but they just couldn’t seem to regain that magic and cohesion they once had against NXT’s newest Australian exports. After a failed flip attempt, Shane was able to slip out and whip Murphy’s leg to hit Blake, who in turn hit Murphy with an errant clothesline that sent him to the outside. Thorne made the hot tag to Miller and he came out whaling on Blake with several heavy clothelines, followed by a spinebuster. With Murphy still out of it and shaking off the cobwebs, TM-61 sealed the win with an impressive double-team maneuver they call Thunder Valley. My how the once mighty have fallen.    

NXT TakeOver: The End Rematch

Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger

Andrade proved that TakeOver was no fluke, as he nailed The Perfect Ten with running double knees in the corner for the victory. Tye spent way too much time trying to show off in front of the Full Sail crowd that it gave the Man of a Hundred Souls the opening he needed to pull of his second straight victory over the Niagra Falls native. Andrade dazzled with his speed and agility, showing the Perfect Ten that he shouldn’t have taken him lightly in their second encounter. Dillinger made it clear early on that he was out to avenge his loss from TakeOver but instead was left reeling after suffering another bitter defeat at the hands of the former Mexican Luchador. Andrade continues to trend upwards while there seems to be no explanation as to why the “Perfect Ten” has been struggling as of late. It’s baffling to even try to contemplate why Dillinger hasn’t received the proper backing from the head decision makers because he seems to have the support of the fans and his wrestling in the ring is on par to any other performer in NXT. Only time will tell if Tye can rebound and become the superstar that we all know he can be but as of the now the Perfect Ten has been relegated to a five at best.   

The King is next

One week after failing to recapture the NXT Title from Samoa Joe inside the confines of a steel- cage match, the NXT Universe was left to wonder what the future held for the Face of The People’s Brand. Balor was greeted with chants of thank you and please don’t go. Finn soaked in all of the accolades and talked about being inspired to join NXT after watching Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady on his TV set back home in Ireland. Finn mentioned how NXT had become a huge part of who he was and listed all the notable wars that he’d been through with the likes of Neville, Tyler Breeze, Kevin Owens, and of course Samoa Joe. The former NXT Champion stood before his fans without his title and was left to ask himself the one question that the whole world wanted the answer to: What was next for Finn Bálor? The Demon didn’t have to wait long to get his answer, as Shinsuke Nakamura made his presence felt in the arena. The King of Strong Style called Balor the “Icon” of NXT but realized that if he wanted to ever become NXT Champion, he would need to defeat Bálor. The Full Sail crowd roared in approval, as Finn accepted The King’s challenge. The two long time friends shook hands and sealed the deal on, perhaps, the biggest dream match in NXT history. What’s next for Finn? Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Final Word: The Ultimate Dream Match

In the last few months not only has NXT delivered the best wrestling under the WWE Brand but it has also been a place that has delivered on some of the most amazing dream matches that have had fans salivating for more. NXT has become a place where dreams do come true. In just a few weeks’ time, the wrestling world will be treated to one of the most anticipated bouts in recent memory. On July 13th the “Icon” of NXT, Finn Balor will battle The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura. This match will live up to and exceed everyone’s expectations because both men are two of the best that have ever laced up the boots a graced a wrestling ring. Nakamura and Balor deliver quality match after quality match, day in and day out. When these two long-time friends step in the squared circle for the first time in NXT, it’s going to be magic.

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