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NXT Now Report -Crossroads

By:Jeff Burga

Staff Writer

NXT Women’s Division Match: Alexa Bliss defeated Carmella

After last week’s backstage spat, The Queen of Mean was out to prove that she was more deserving of a title opportunity than The Staten Island Princess. The smack talk began from the onset and it was Carmella that took the early advantage, keeping Bliss grounded on the mat with several headlock holds. Ms. Fabulous continued to apply the pressure until Alexa countered with two impressive double knees in a row for a near three count. Bliss looked visibly frustrated at what she felt was a slow count and motioned for the referee to count faster. Carmella capitalized on Alexa’s mistake, finding the opening she needed to regain control of the match. The Queen of Mean was just more relentless, countering Carmella’s bronco buster into a roll up for another near pinfall. Bliss would get the last laugh by nailing the Twisted Bliss Splash from the top rope for the surprising win. Carmella’s title hopes took a serious blow with that loss and she has reverted back to her losing ways. Ms. Fabulous needs to realize that playing the role of crowd favorite has gotten her nowhere. Carmella may soon have to realize that in order for her career to take the next step, she might have to turn her back on her best friend, Bayley.

The King speaks

Shinsuke Nakamura spoke of his ten year long friendship with Finn Balor. He mentioned knowing Finn’s family and following his NXT career while he was still competing in Japan. Nakamura threw the word “Icon” out again in describing Balor’s legacy in the People’s Brand. Nakamura talked about heading to the states in order to become NXT Champion and realizing that in order to achieve his goal he’d have to defeat his very close, personal friend. The King of Strong Style said that that their epic showdown was going to be huge and promised the NXT Universe that he was going to deliver something sensational in two weeks time.


Bayley expressed her confidence about the chances of regaining the Women’s Title, as she prepares for an upcoming rematch with Asuka. After destroying Bayley’s best friend, Alex Bliss stepped in and gave her two cents about the Women’s Title picture. The Queen of Mean felt that Bayley had blown her chance and that the road to the Women’s Championship went through her. Alexa took great pleasure in defeating Carmella and would enjoying nothing more than crushing Bayley’s dreams. Later on in the night it was confirmed that next week Ms. Bliss will go one on one with heart and soul of NXT, Bayley.

Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Noah Potjes

After humbling “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger the past few weeks, “Cien” Almas looked to continue his winning ways and remain undefeated against the young up and comer, Potjes.  Andrade made short work of Noah and delivered his patented running double knee in the corner for the victory. The Man of A Hundred souls is flying high in the land of NXT and it will be interesting to see if Dillinger will look to avenge his back-to-back losses at the hands of Andrade.

Blame the Universe

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived blamed the NXT Universe for his heinous assault on No Way Jose last week. Aries felt betrayed by the fans that have chosen to boo him for no apparent reason, instead of appreciating his sheer greatness. The NXT Universe was thrilled upon the arrival of The Greatest Man but in the end, mistook his self-confidence as sign of arrogance and quickly turned on him. Aries will work much better as a heel moving forward and now that the shade of grey has been removed, the best is yet to come for the double A+ player.

The Demon speaks

The Face of NXT sat down and spoke about his close and personal friendship with Shinsuke Nakamura. Balor mentioned how Nakamura took him under his wing when he arrived in Japan at the age of 24. Finn was excited to hear that his good friend was coming to NXT but realized that they are both at a crossroads in their respective careers. Balor promised the NXT Universe that they were going to witness something special.

Poor Finn can’t seem to keep a friend because they’re all trying to make a name for themselves at The Demon’s expense. First it was Samoa Joe and now it’s the King of Strong Style. That’s the dilemma currently facing Finn. He’s the face of NXT, the standard bearer, the measuring stick, the “Icon” that everyone’s lining up to dethrone and in order for Nakamura to become champion, he must first beat the beat the man.

NXT Tag Team Match: Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano defeated The Hype Bros

The duo of Ciampa and Gargano were able to get past the challenge from Team Hype and continue their recent dominance in the Tag Team Division. Ryder and Rawley were in the driver’s seat early on as they brought their A game, taking their intensity to another level in this very important match. Knowing that this match could go a long way in determining a new #1 contender for the NXT Tag Team Titles, Tommaso and Johnny Wrestling were able to shake off the cobwebs and hit the Double Impact on Ryder for the victory.  After the match, NXT’s newest mathematicians said that they were deserving of a Tag Team Title match.

American Alpha’s music hit and they made their way down the ring for the first time since losing their titles to The Revival at TakeOver. Jordan and Gable said that they were next in line to reclaim their titles and once they beat Dash and Dawson, they would address The Authors of Pain. The first ever two-time NXT Tag Team Champions, Dash and Dawson had heard enough and made their way to the ramp. The rough neck duo proclaimed that neither team deserved a shot at their titles, which prompted NXT General William Regal to come out. He promised Tommaso & Gargano a future Tag Title opportunity as well as making a Two-out of-Three pinfall match for the NXT Tag Team Titles between American Alpha and The Revival next week.

The Authors of Pain appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to dismantle The World’s Greatest once again, as well as laying out Ciampa and Gargano when they tried to make the save. Jordan was able to sneak in and hit a suplex on one of the two behemoths that had little effect. The A.O.P. hit two vicious clotheslines that sent Jordan & Gable to the outside. Paul Ellering appeared on the ramp to witness the utter decimation left in the ring by his two monsters to close out the show. What team in NXT can possibly stop The Authors of Pain?

The Final Word: Let The WWE Cruiserweight Classic Begin!

On this week’s episode of NXT, a promo was shown for the upcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic that will be hosted by Smackdown lead announcer Mauro Ranallo and former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. Beginning on July 13th, 32 of the very best competitors will all converge at Full Sail University in a single elimination tournament to determine the winner and best cruiserweight in the world. With a long list of talented performers the likes of Kota Ibushi, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Zack Sabre Jr., this promises to be a can’t miss and ground breaking event. It will be an honor to offer a synopsis and review of The Cruiserweight Classic for The Busted Open Nation mixed in with my usual NXT Now! Report.

Will the WWE Cruiserweight Classic be a success? I want to hear from you, hit me up on the Twitter @BurgaJeffry and my tag team partner @BryBurga on @HighSpotPodcast, as we give you our take on the world of sports and professional wrestling exclusively on SoundCloud. This week, The Jersey Wrecking Crew caught up five year old sensation Mini Thor, who threw out the first pitch at Citi Field and what it was like for proud Papa Aaron Gerberg to meet Mets pitching ace, Noah Syndergaard.

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