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NXT Now! Report - The Elite Do Battle

By: Jeff Burga

Staff Writer

NXT Women’s Division Match: Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss

The Queen of Mean’s new found attitude has helped breathe new life into her character. Heading into this match, Bliss knew that a win over Bayley would most likely propel her career to new heights and most certainly guarantee The Queen a future title match in the highly competitive Women’s Division. Alexa gained the early momentum when she sling shot Bayley, throat first, into the second rope. Bliss slowed down the pace with a headlock and taunted Bayley one too many times. This caused the former Women’s Champion to explode and fling Alexa across the turnbuckles, followed by running knees.

The Queen stunned Bayley with a vicious right hand and unloaded with her Insult to Injury double knees but the resilient former champion fought back and took the fight back to the second rope. Bliss countered Bayley off the rope into a modified Canadian Destroyer that left the Full Sail crowd in awe and after only getting a two from the referee, the blonde beauty was visibly upset at what she felt was a slow count. After exchanging several pinfall combinations, Alexa went to the top rope for a splash that Bayley saw coming, allowing her to greet Bliss with double knees.

With the wind clearly taken out of her sails, the Doctor of Huganomics pounced with a Bayley to Belly for the win in a very hard fought match. After the match a victorious Bayley addressed the Full Sail Crowd and talked about her long road back from injury, as well as her loss to Asuka at TakeOver: Dallas. She bounced back from that defeat only to get knocked down again at the hands of Nia Jax. Bayley tore into Jax, saying that she took her rightful shot at the title last month.

Leather never looked so good, as The Diva of Mass Destruction made her way down the ring to confront the former Women’s NXT Champion. Both women found themselves in the middle of the ring, staring each other down, until Bayley challenged Nia to one more fight. Jax got her wish and left the ring with a menacing smile, knowing that she’s got another chance to break Bayley once and for all.

It really looks like Bayley’s just wrapping up loose ends as far as feuds go. The question has always been when’s Bayley getting called up? Best bet, after she passes the torch to Asuka at TakeOver: Brooklyn Two. As for Alexa Bliss, that was the best match of her career! The Queen of Mean has improved week after week and hopefully the decision makers in the back realize that she’s a future NXT Women’s Champion in waiting.

The Mighty Don’t Kneel

Another great job by the WWE production team, giving us a closer look at one of NXT’s newest tag team acquisitions. Not only do the Australian duo of Nick Miller and Shane Thorne add depth to an already loaded division but they have shown in just a short time that they have all the talent and charisma in the world to become future NXT Tag Team Champions.  

We got this!

The Revival were backstage preparing for their match against American Alpha. Dash and Wilder showed no concern about losing to Jordan and Gable. The first ever two- time NXT Tag Team Champions promised to bring the fight to the World’s Greatest and show them once and for all that they’re the best team in the world.

NXT Tag Team Match: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy versus The Hype Bros (No Contest)

The match broke down almost before it could start after Murphy saw his partner Blake struggle with Mojo Rawley. An incensed Murphy stepped in and admonished Blake saying that he could do a better job. Mojo tried to shift the focus back to wrestling but the former NXT Tag Team Champions told him to butt out. The Man Beast, Rhyno, suddenly appeared in the ring and began to dismantle Ryder, Rawley, and Blake. Murphy survived getting the Gore and retreated up the ramp, looking back at the carnage caused by the returning Man Beast. After months off NXT TV, a much bigger around the waist Rhyno made his return to Full Sail, leaving a path of destruction on his first night back. The Man Beast was later asked what brought him back to NXT, to which he didn’t respond and walked away. It’s clearly obvious that Rhyno’s back to put someone over plain and simple.

Dream Match Preview

With the dream match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor only a week away, the WWE production team was back at it again with another great video package giving all of us an inside look at next week’s match. Triple H stated that both men had made a name for themselves even before coming to WWE. NXT stars past and present like Neville and American Alpha couldn’t wait to sit back and enjoy watching two of the very best battle next week. The Game closed it out by saying that Nakamura and Balor will create magic next week and ten to fifteen years from now fans will say that they saw it first on NXT.

The Monster Returns

The Samoa Joe Era resumes next week when the triumphant champion returns to see if any competitor will step up and challenge the Samoan Monster for his NXT Title.

NXT Tag Team Title Match: Two out of Three Falls

The Revival defeated American Alpha (2-1)

After weeks of smack talk, tensions were running at an all-time high between both The Revival and American Alpha. The Tag Team Champions found themselves retreating quickly in the opening moments of the match, as Gable slipped out of Wilder’s grasps and applied an ankle lock that could have ended the first fall right there. Jordan and Gable turned the tides of the first fall in their favor that was until Chad took a nasty spill to the floor that helped The Revival regain control. Dash and Dawson did everything in their power to put Alpha away early on but the match continued with no one laying claim to the first fall. Gable withstood a severe beating for several minutes from the rough neck duo but was able to withstand it enough and make the hot tag to his fired up partner. The red-hot Jordan injected new life into the match for his team, powering through Dash and Wilder and picking up the key first fall win by forcing Wilder to tap out to an ankle lock submission.                      

American Alpha-1 The Revival-0

The Revival targeted Jordan’s leg in the first fall, which paid off shortly after the second fall started. Scott Dawson trapped Jordan in an inverted Figure-Four Leglock &Wilder prevented Gable from breaking up the hold, leaving Jordan no choice but to tap out.  

American Alpha-1 The Revival-1

With the match all tied up at a fall apiece, the all decisive third fall was the most fast paced and chaotic fall of them all. Both teams left it all out on the line and threw everything that they had at each other, trying to quickly put an end to not only this epic battle but to an epic feud. Dawson went back to inverted Figure-Four Leglock submission and had Jordan locked in, on the verge of tapping out. Gable saved the day with a diving headbutt from the top rope onto an unsuspecting, Dawson. Chaos ensued when the match spilled out to the apron, where Gable tried to German suplex Dawson to the arena floor. In the end, Dawson emerged from the scrum and Dash creeped up behind Gable, resulting in a vicious Shatter Machine on the ring apron. That sealed up the third fall and most importantly the NXT Tag Team Titles for the rough neck duo.   

The Revival-2 American Alpha-1

The Final Word: CWC Bracketology Review

The WWE Network will present the Cruiserweight Classic Tournament next week and in preparation for the groundbreaking series a special Bracketology episode was shown. Taking a page from the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament field of 68, the Cruiserweight Classic has its field of 32. After watching the special episode with hosts Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan, I came away confident that this is going to be a landmark event for WWE.

The show began with Triple H addressing the 32 cruiserweights. He told them to kick some ass because they’ve all been given a unique opportunity and platform to make a name for themselves. Former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan said that he was happy to be back and be a part of a tournament that he wished existed when he was first starting out. Daniel offered some great in-depth knowledge about each competitor and defined the true meaning of the word “cruiserweight.”

Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan are easily be the best sports entertainment broadcast team ever. They are just that damn good! We were also introduced to several of the bigger names like United Kingdom’s own, Zack Sabre Jr. and Japan’s Kota Ibushi. The Classic also includes two former WWE stars, Tajiri and The Brian Kendrick along with underdogs like Richard Swann, Jack Gallager and the Bollywood duo of Guhru and Harv Sihra were also featured. The most intriguing opening round matchup between two of NXT’s own Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

Finally, Triple H joined Mauro and Daniel, talking about looking for diverse styles in trying to fill out the rosters for the tournament. He also mentioned a shift in the company’s philosophy about being the land of giants. Hunter said, “you no longer have to be three hundred pounds plus to succeed in the WWE.” The Game closed by saying that the Classic wasn’t going to be a one and done. The Cruiserweight Classic kicks off next week immediately following NXT, exclusively on the WWE Network.

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