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WWE Roadblock Review - Next Stop… WrestleMania!

WWE for some odd reason decided to put on a live Network special with WrestleMania only a few weeks away causing many to speculate if there would be a major angle or “swerve” played out during the World Heavyweight Title Match. With Roadblock as the final stop on the road to WrestleMania, would the match between the Champion Triple H and The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose deliver or create more questions heading into the showcase of the immortals.


Step by step, inch by inch, we slowly approach Wrestlemania but before we can get there we must deal with WWE Roadblock. With Dean Ambrose pushing the buttons of The Authority, will he make it to WWE Road Block? It appears Y2AJ was short lived but why did Jericho turn on his partner? Hopefully that will all be answered … here on the Smackdown Rewind!

NXT Now! Report - Final Resolution

The stars were out in full force as NXT returned home to Full Sail with a Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match to determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Title between Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe that headlined this week’s episode. This is Jeff Burga with your NXT Now! Report.

Smackdown Rewind - The Ambrose Asylum is ALIVE & WELL!

It looks like Dean Ambrose will be getting a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before his best friend Roman Reigns does. Will this affect the main event of Wrestlemania? Has Dean Ambrose outsmarted The Authority or has he awakened the Cerebral Assassin? Also Y2AJ will try to maintain momentum against The New Day this week. Who will be the #1 contender for the Divas title when Sasha & Becky face off one-on-one again? This is the Smackdown Rewind, let’s go!

NXT Now! Report - Worlds Collide

The High-Flyer and NXT Champion, Finn Balor would be pitted up against The Gravity Defying Neville, as a celebration between two of the very best to ever grace an NXT ring headlined this week’s final episode from the campus of the University of Central Florida. This is Jeff Burga with your NXT Now! Report.

Smackdown Rewind - NEW DAY ROCKED!

The road to Wrestlemania is official here. Shane McMahon is back baby! What other surprises are we in store for in the upcoming weeks? Triple H addressed the WWE Universe about his assault on Roman Reigns. This is the Smackdown Rewind, let’s get started!